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Material & Supply

Hours of Operation
Pickup only (allow time to prepare order)
(Physical counter - COVID-19 temporarily closed)

wire / BX & MC / Romex® / rubber cord
thermostat, fire alarm wire (NYC approved)
panels / panelboards
safety switches
disconnects (regular, high, red NYC code)
meter pans / junction boxes
circuit breakers / fuses
submeter and energy conservation
relays / electrical & mechanical contactors
all wire / cable connectors
galvanized pipe, EMT, Greenfield®, SealTite®
red painted NYC code pipe & fittings
motors (motor starters, heaters, contactors)
fixture ballasts
metal halide replacement kits
electric heaters, electric heat thermostats
heat trace systems (cotrollers and trace)
timers (models for variety voltage & days)
mounting and hanging hardware
trade tools
safety equipment
strut, cable tray, trough
structured product

Lighting Counter & Commercial Showroom
(Commercial / Contractor / Industrial focus)

Hours of Operation
Pickup only (allow time to prepare order)
(Physical counter - COVID-19 temporarily closed)

LED, LED multi-voltage, LED retrofit
high-output, fluorescent, halide, vapor
dichroic, incandescent
(high efficiency) (major color temperatures)

lighting fixtures / architectural lighting
lighting fixture parts / hardware
lights standard temperatures / dichroic
LED retrofit / LED relamp
light control systems (standard / dichroic)
exit signs (including battery back up)
emergency lights (including battery back up)
ceiling fans, vent fans
entry systems (audio / video)
intercom systems (indoor / outdoor)

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