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Brooklyn, NY 11219
Tel  (718) 438-4700
Fax (718) 854-5183

We have our own credit department so credit applications / decisions are handled here in Brooklyn.

Buyers are local so we stock the NYC required products in our Brooklyn warehouse.

"Our Service Is Electrifying"
Customer buying from L. B. Electric Supply


Application for Credit
L. B. Electric Supply Co. application for credit



State of New York (NYS) Form ST-120 Resale Certificate
Customer resale certificate to L. B. Electric Supply Co. completed Resale Certificate for New York State (NYS Form ST-120)

Vendor or Supplier selling to L. B. Electric Supply


State of New York (NYS) Form ST-120 Resale Certificate
L. B. Electric Supply Co. completed New York State Resale Certificate (NYS Form ST-120) to a Vendor

United States IRS Form W-9 (TIN)
L. B. Electric Supply Co. completed Tax Payer Identification (US IRS Form W-9)

  • Forms as PDF files can be attached to an email.
  • Forms can be faxed. Call and ask for correct fax.
  • Forms can be digitally completed along with approved digital signature. (Adobe Acrobat DC or Docusign or other approved digital signature service required.)

Click here for L. B. Electric Supply MWBE Certificates, specifically WBE Certificates.
Forms files require a "PDF" formated file READER (viewer).
For, Adobe Acrobat Reader (Adobe Systems) a free / no-charge app and browser plug-in.
Click here for Adobe Acrobat Reader

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