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Coronavirus COVID-19: Special Information  

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March 19, 2020 -- Coronavirus COVID-19 Update


To L. B. Electric Supply Company customers

L. B. Electric Supply Company is doing all that we an do to protect the safety and health of our customers and employees.


Government requested limited onsite staffing. Some staff will be working remotely / from home offices. Order flow will be the same but have adjustments.

Order prepration will take a bit longer because of adjustments. Thank you for being understanding for allwoing a bit of extra time for pulling and packing orders.

We expect delivery times to remain similar.

Additionally, the government has asked for certain adjustments to operations and activities.


L. B. Electric Supply has CLOSED our walk-up "Material & Supply Counter" and "Lighting Counter & Commerial Showroom" to help maintain the requested “social distancing” and exposure management guidance. These will be closed until further notice.


Contractor Customer Ordering: (please place all orders in advance so we can have items pulled and ready for pickup)

  • voice call-in (718) 438-4700
  • fax to material email (718) 854-5183
    (lighting requests will be forwarded to correct individual)
  • group email lbsales@lbelectric.com
  • For each pick order: please provide pickup person name and associated contact detail so we may notify them when order is ready for pickup.

Retail customers: (please place all orders in advance so we can have items pulled and ready for pickup)

  • voice call-in (718) 438-4700

ORDER PICKUP: (we are limited contact)

  • come to the "receiving & shipping door" located around the corner, on 52nd Street (1228 52nd Street), brown door
  • call (718) 438-4700 OR ring the red bell (right side of door)

We will upate this webpage as needed. Please check back for the most current information and opeational processes.

Thank you for your understanding as we all work throught the Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19 adjustments and changing requirements.


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