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Export - International services

L. B. Electric Supply serves International clients sourcing and fulfullment services.

"Our Service is Electrifing"

L. B. Electric Supply Company has been servicing the needs of industrial, commercial, OEM, railroad, and mining clients for over 75 years. We built our reputation on offering an exceptional selection of products at competitive prices. In fact, our famous electric-fast service, skilled sourcing and rock solid reliability has made us the supplier of first choice.

At L. B. Electric Supply Company we strive to maintain the highest quality service with an unsurpassed selection and variety of merchandise. We also offer guaranteed on-time shipments with our unique customize delivery schedule. We handle forms work and work with all shipping companies, freight forwarders, expiders or direct shipment.

Our staff of electrical specialists and shipment handers plus forms preparation staff are proud union members of Local 3 of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Our attention to detail is beyond compare. Our Quality Control Team carefully inspects merchandise prior to packng for delivery / shipping. We are experienced export packing and export shipping including documentation requirements to many countries around the world.

We offer top brands and the finest quality motor controls, brakes / brake systems, motors, engines, crane, railroad, mining, heavy equipment and OEM products. Check out our large and variety selection of products. We are legendary for sourcing product.

L. B. Electric Supply wants to be your first choice for all your needs.

We are here to serve you and your specialty equipment needs.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive resources for product cross-references
  • Experienced and product knowledgeable staff
  • Management of project from drawing to completion
  • Special order and manufacturing capabilities
  • Flexible delivery arrangements

    L. B. Electric Supply Company does the extra bits that make your project and export delivery go smoothly.


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